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States to Avoid

All of the information provided in this book indicate that there are certain localities in America you should not move to, if you want to protect your children from vaccination:

Arkansas, Oregon, South Carolina, and Texas require membership in a “recognized” church or denomination not believing in vaccination. This makes these states more problematic. If the church you belong to does not, as part of its official beliefs, teach that vaccination is wrong, you are not permitted to use your personal religious beliefs as the reason in those states.

Mississippi and North Carolina provide avoidance of vaccination only for medical reasons, and not for religious reasons. You must defend your position solely on medical grounds. A persuasive parent might be able to convince any doctor of the medical dangers by reviewing the warnings which are already supplied with the vaccine. (See sample letter which was accepted in North Carolina: pp. 237-241)

West Virginia provides only one basis for avoiding immunization of children: It is “sufficient reason.” The West Virginia statute is thus the most unclear of all the States.

New York City is known to be a difficult place in which to obtain an exemption from childhood vaccination, although if you live elsewhere in New York State, you should not have as much of a problem. Some other major cities may also be difficult.