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 The following terms and abbreviations were used in the preceding chapter on anthrax.
APHIS - Animal and Plant Inspection Service, a department of the USDA
ATCC - American Type Culture Collection, the world’s largest collection of germ strains
AVIP - The Department of Defense’s massive Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program of our troops
BioParat - (Biopreparat) - Soviet biological warfare directorate. The central Russian agency in charge of all chemical / biological weaponization production
BW - Biological weapons
CDC - The Centers for Disease Control, based in Atlanta
CBW - Chemical / biological warfare
DOD - Department of Defense
FDA - Food and Drug Administration
FIA - Freedom of Information Act
GAO - General Accounting Office
GW - Germ warfare
JVAP - Joint Vaccination Acquisition Program
Pentagon - Headquarters of the DOD
POX - The skin eruptions in smallpox
SEPE - Russian Scientific Experimental and Production Base, the code name for its bioweapons projects
TSMID - The Iraqi Ministry of Trade’s Technical and Scientific Materials Import Division. This is in charge of obtaining supplies for their CBW program.
UNSCOM - United Nations Special Commission
USDA - U.S. Department of Agriculture
VA - Veterans Administration
VAERS - Vaccine Adverse Event Report System forms, which are often either not recorded or lost afterward
Vaccinia - The vaccine given to protect against smallpox. It is derived from cowpox
Variola - Variola major is the scientific name for smallpox
WHO - World Health Organization